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Hand to God ()

Produced by

The Coal Mine Theatre

Playwright: Robert Askins
Director: Mitchell Cushman


The Coal Mine (1454 Danforth Ave)


April 21st, 2019 – May 12th, 2019


In a quiet Texas town, recently widowed Margery is tasked with running the church puppet club. Attended grudgingly by her teenage son Jason, he finds solace in Tyrone, his homemade puppet. That is until Tyrone turns fiendish causing doors to slam, lightbulbs to burst and his head to spin around Exorcist-style. Is it…the devil? HAND TO GOD tackles all the big themes: death, depression, alcoholism, sexual repression, emotional guilt, religious hypocrisy and crafting. (


Nicole Underhay Margery
Frank Cox-O’Connell Jason
Amy Keating Jessica
Ted Dykstra Pastor Greg
Francis Melling Timothy

Creative Team

Robert Askins Playwright
Mitchell Cushman Director
Calvin Petersen Assistant Director
Marcus Jamin Puppet Design
Marcus Jamin Puppet Director
Anahita Dehbonehie Set Designer
Nick Blais Lighting Designer
Lindsay Junkin Costume Designer
Bram Geilen Music Designer
Simon Fon Fight Director
Bram Geilen Sound Designer


Rae Ellen Bodie Dialect Coach
Meghan Speakman Stage Manager
Taylor Young Apprentice Stage Manager
Wes Babcock Production Manager
Wes Babcock Technical Director
Edith Nataprawira Scenic Painter
Gerry Egan Production Consultant
Anthony Smith Technical Wizard
Geoffrey Armour Crew
Brett Hunter Crew
Carlos Varela Crew
Sean Leckie Crew