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Hroses ()

Produced by

It Could Still Happen

Playwright: Jill Connell
Director: Jill Connell




February 22nd, 2017 – March 4th, 2017


The sugar mines extend under the paper farm, owned by two rival families.

LILY (the pale granddaughter of a paper matriarch)


ELLERY (né sous terre pendant une éclipse solaire)

They meet in the no man’s land between their properties where they discover a horse.

This is their execution : one hundred years in a single moment.


HROSES is a battle for love that defies all reason. (it


Sascha Cole Lily
Frédéric Lemay Ellery

Creative Team

Jill Connell Playwright
Jill Connell Director
Mireille Mayrand-Fiset French Translation
Tedi Tafel Movement and Assistance
Ishan Davé Production Designer
Matthew Pencer Music
Claudia Dey Costume Designer
Heidi Sopinka Costume Designer


Victoria Wang Production Manager
Lucia Corak Production Assistant
Lucia Corak Video
Molly Flood Producer
Linda Connell Outreach
Tala Kamea Graphic Designer
Olya Zarapina Illustrations
Laurence Dauphinais Montreal Liason