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Humans Anonymous ()

Produced by

The Anonymous Co-Op

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Playwright: Kate Hewlett
Director: Andrew Hachey


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 8th, 2009 – January 18th, 2009


One is afraid of loneliness. Two is afraid of happiness. Three is afraid of ignorance. Four is afraid of judgment. Five is afraid of gremlins – even the nice ones. One loves four; three loves one; five loves cats. Can five over-caffeinated humans stumble their way to a fear-free future?

When a businesswoman who prefers lattes to love meets a sexually experimental young genius looking for Ms. Perfect, happiness is only twelve steps away. (


Michelle Giroux Ellen
Phillip Graeme Peter
Mayko Nguyen Jenny
Kate Hewlett Gema
Gregory Prest Arden

Creative Team

Kate Hewlett Playwright
Andrew Hachey Director


Sherry Roher Stage Manager
Shira Leuchter Poster Design
Lisa Stanton Photographer