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Inch of Your Life: Episode 3 / The Last Bit ()

Produced by

The Theatre Circuit

Playwright: Massimo Pagliaroli
Director: Massimo Pagliaroli


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


July 18th, 2018


July 18th, 2018 – July 28th, 2018


So what’s the truth? What happens next when you discover your closest friends and family aren’t who you thought they were? Sam knows one thing for certain…things will never be the same with his brothers since he believes they’re the reason he was being held for ransom. Or were they? Perception versus reality is the big debate this time around. Have relationships and friendships reached their end? Or are they merely just beginning? Where does one go after discovering the truth? These are the questions each character faces as they continue to inch their way through life in The Last Bit. (


Alex Clay Luke Richmond
Jack Everett Nick Catelli
Luis Fernandes Eddie Catelli
Ceridwen Kingstone Jill Preston
Brandon Knox Eric Day
Giovanna Pandullo Sylvia Moretti
Antonino Pruiti Gus Lo Primo
Jonathan Sconza Sam Catelli

Creative Team

Massimo Pagliaroli Playwright
Massimo Pagliaroli Director
Christopher Ross Lighting Designer


Evan Bowen Percussion


Laura Philipps Stage Manager
Laura Philipps Production Manager
Carlo Vitelli Producer
Massimo Pagliaroli Props Builder
Robert Fulton Photography


Christopher Ross Venue Technician