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Killing Game ()

Produced by

Randolph Entertainment and Redhanded Film and Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Eugene Ionèsco
Director: Rosanna Saracino


The Annex Theatre


June 30th, 2010 – July 11th, 2010


A small town is visited by the mysterious Black Monk. A plague follows, a maelstrom of panic ensues as citizens drop like flies. In high Absurd style, these characters reveal the fears and flaws we have towards Death. Darkly comedic, highly physical, this adventure shakes us with horror and hilarity. (


Julien Cyr Performer
Evan Dowling Performer
Anna Jane Edmonds Performer
Danie Friesen Performer
Chris Johnson Performer
Hilary June Hart Performer
Niki Kennedy Performer
Natalie Kulesza Performer
Death LaMort Performer
Chelsea Leaman Performer
Lori-Anne Lopes Performer
Joseph O’Toole Performer
Thalia Randolph Performer
Jessica Salgueiro Performer
Greg Schneider Performer
Tee Schneider Performer
Mark Statham Performer
Melanie Windle Performer
Bruce Horak Performer
Scott McCulloch Performer
James Murray Performer
Peter Nelson Performer
Denise Norman Performer

Creative Team

Eugene Ionèsco Playwright
Rosanna Saracino Director
Melanie Windle Choreographer
Scott Emerson Moyle Fight Director
Scott Penner Set Designer
Geoff Bouckley Lighting Designer
Trason Nicholas Fernandes Makeup Design
Rosanna Saracino Costume Designer


Rosanna Saracino Producer
Kelly Holiff Assistant Producer
Niki Kennedy Assistant Producer
Natalie Kulesza Assistant Producer
Chelsea Leaman Assistant Producer
Lori-Anne Lopes Assistant Producer
Jessica Salgueiro Assistant Producer
David Liotta Stage Manager
Laura Cournoyea Assistant Stage Manager
Anna Jane Edmonds Assistant Stage Manager
Scott Emerson Moyle Machine Gun Builder
Martha Zavitz Costume Assistant
Chris Clifford Technical Director
Markus Ranhum Poster Image