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Let’s Go! ()

Produced by

DMT Productions

Playwright: Robert Fothergill
Director: Mark Cassidy


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


September 27th, 2017 – October 8th, 2017


Set forty years before the events of Beckett’s seminal play and inspired by this significant work, LET’S GO! follows the journey of Gogo and Didi: two young, aspiring, and struggling Vaudeville performers in 1913. They receive a call to action from an unknown source, leading them to question the world as young people figuring out their path, and changing the course of their lives forever. (Show Facebook Event)


Brian Haight Didi
Tony Ofori Gogo
Heather Marie Annis Mary

Creative Team

Robert Fothergill Playwright
Mark Cassidy Director
Chelsea Driver Stage Designer
Elizabeth Asselstine Lighting Designer
Haley Duncan Sound Designer


Ana-Marija Stojic Stage Manager
Sare Thorpe Production Manager
Sare Thorpe Producer


Christopher Ross Venue Technician