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Like the First Time ()

Produced by

One Little Goat Theatre Company


Walmer Centre Theatre


October 28th, 2011 – November 13th, 2011


Like the First Time revolves around Fulvia, a woman torn between her current life as a single woman and her past life as a wife and mother. On the one hand there is Marco, her latest lover, while on the other there’s Silvio, her former husband, who wants to reclaim her as his wife and mother to their now-teenage daughter. Complicating all this is the daughter’s belief that her mother is long dead. Which direction Fulvia’s life will take remains uncertain, and the ambivalence of her feelings, reflected in the ambiguity of her actions, makes for riveting drama. (Like the First Time Press Release)


Elva Mai Hoover Ernestina
Dov Mickelson Marco
Andrew Moodie Sylvio
Cathy Murphy Fulvia
Jessica Salgueiro Livia

Creative Team

Adam Seelig Playwright
Adam Seelig Director
Luigi Pirandello Original Play
Jackie Chau Set Designer
Jackie Chau Costume Designer
Laird Macdonald Lighting Designer
Thomas Ryder Payne Sound Designer
Alison Ho Assistant Costume Designer


Christopher Whitlock Stage Manager
Mariella Bertelli Italian Language Consultant
Erin McCluskey Production Assistant
Yuri Dojc Photography
Linda Litwack Publicity
Kilby Smith-McGregor Poster Design
Kyle Runowski Technical Director