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Little Pretty and The Exceptional ()

Produced by

Factory Theatre

Playwright: Anusree Roy
Director: Brendan Healy


Factory Mainspace Theatre


April 1st, 2017 – April 30th, 2017


Simran is gifted, complex and, haunted. Jasmeet, her younger sister, is the typical hip Toronto teenager. Together with Dilpreet, their delightfully overprotective and traditional father, they are frantically trying to get ready for the opening of their new sari shop on Gerrard Street. To achieve their life-long dreams, the family must come together to find new strength and exorcise the demons of their past. Charming, tragic, and full of life, this is a deeply moving story about the taboo around mental health issues in the South-Asian community, and the power of familial ties in the face of adversity. (


Shelly Antony Iyar
Shruti Kothari Jasmeet
Farah Merani Simran
Sugith Varughese Dilpreet

Creative Team

Anusree Roy Playwright
Brendan Healy Director
André Du Toit Lighting Designer
Richard Feren Sound Designer
Richard Feren Composer
Matt McGeachy Production Dramaturge
Iris Turcott Original Dramaturge
Ryan G. Hinds Assistant Director
Samantha Brown Associate Set Designer
Chantelle Zoelene Laliberte Associate Costume Designer
Casey Hudecki Fight Director


Laura Baxter Stage Manager
Michaela Steven Apprentice Stage Manager
Samantha Brown Scenic Artist
Samantha Brown Head of Properties
Chantelle Zoelene Laliberte Head of Wardrobe
Laura Gardner Stitcher
Eric Armstrong Dialect Coach
Lee Bonzio Production Graphic Designer


Josh Hoodless Mainspace Head Technician
Jasmine Knox Production Manager