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Brendan Healy

Artistic Director, Director, Dramaturge

Awards & Nominations

2014 Dora Award Nominee РOutstanding Direction (PIG)

2013 Dora Award Nominee РOutstanding Direction (Arigato, Tokyo)


The Inheritance () Director
Public Enemy () Director
How To Fail As A Popstar () Director
Every Brilliant Thing () Director
Acha Bacha () Director
Asking For It () Director
Little Pretty and The Exceptional () Director
The 20th of November () Director
PIG () Director
Entertaining Mr Sloane () Director
Arigato, Tokyo () Director
Breath in Between () Director
The Maids () Director
The Silicone Diaries () Director
Blasted () Director
I Was Barbie () Director
Breakfast () Director
The Silicone Diaries () Director
Fewer Emergencies () Director
A Thought in Three Parts () Director


Body Politic () Dramaturge
Obaaberima () Dramaturge
I Keep Dropping Sh*t: The Newtonian Revolution () Dramaturge


Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Artistic Director (2009-2015)