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Love is a Poverty You Can Sell 2: Kisses for a Pfennig ()

Produced by

Soup Can Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Sare Thorpe




July 3rd, 2013 – July 14th, 2013


Step into the immersive world of a 1920′s Berlin cabaret for a night of song, story, and sin! This sequel to the 2010 ‘Best of Fringe’ smash hit features music from across the decades, a stellar cast of bohemian riff-raff, and a live ten piece orchestra. Hosted by emcees Hans and Jodel, ‘Love is a Poverty You Can Sell 2’ promises an evening to remember! (


Michael-David Blostein Performer
Dayna Chernoff Performer
Seth Drabinsky Performer
Christian Jeffries Performer
Natalie Kulesza Performer
Natasha Negovanlis Performer
Hayley Preziosi Performer
Cory Strong Performer
Jennifer Walls Performer
Arthur Wright Performer
Nicole Byblow Bar Fly
Duncan Derry Bar Fly
Hilary June Hart Bar Fly
Nikki Hogan Bar Fly
Eric Miinch Bar Fly
Polly Phokeev Bar Fly
Emilio Vieira Bar Fly
Sare Thorpe Bar Fly

Creative Team

Sare Thorpe Director
Sare Thorpe Choreographer
Pratik Gandhi Musical Director
Sare Thorpe Music Curator
Justin Haigh Music Curator
Pratik Gandhi Music Curator
Justin Haigh Emcee Segments writer
Justin Haigh Emcee Segements Co-Director
Samantha Lewis Prop Designer
Randy Lee Lighting Designer
Stephen Sondheim Music for "Everybody's Got the Right"
Stephen Sondheim Lyrics for "Everybody's Got the Right"
Frederick Hollander Music for "A Little Yearning" and "Falling in Love Again"
Jeremy Lawrence English Lyrics for "A Little Yearning"
Paul Williams Music for "Tomorrow" and "You Give a Little Love"
Paul Williams Lyrics for "Tomorrow" and "You Give a Little Love"
Harry Nilsson Music for "Don't Forget Me"
Harry Nilsson Lyrics for "Don't Forget Me"
Kurt Weill Music for "Tango Ballad", "Very Very Very", "My Ship", and "Youkali"
Bertolt Brecht Lyrics for "Tango Ballad"
Harry Warren Music for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
Al Dubin Lyrics for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
Reg Connelly Lyrics for "Falling in Love Again"
John Kander Music for "Mein Herr"
Fred Ebb Lyrics for "Mein Herr"
Ogden Nash Lyrics for "Very Very Very"
Mark Hollmann Music for "Don't Be the Bunny"
Mark Hollmann Lyrics for "Don't Be the Bunny"
Greg Kotis Lyrics for "Don't Be the Bunny"
Ira Gershwin Lyrics for "My Ship"
Roger Fernay Lyrics for "Youkali"
Norbert Schultze Musuc for "Lili Marlene"
Hans Leip Lyrics for "Lili Marlene"


Marie-Eve Sarrazin Flute
Katie Saunoris Flute
Pratik Gandhi Conductor
Emerald Sun Clarinet
Ruhee Dewji Sax / Flute
Kevin Wong Violin
Cory Latkovich Cello
Adam Scime Bass
Katherine Belyea Accordian / Banjo / Keyboards
Sam Dobbie Accordian / Banjo / Keyboards
Suzan Kim Accordian / Banjo / Keyboards
Maria Kishimoto Accordian / Banjo / Keyboards
Pratik Gandhi Drums
Katie Arnup Guest Clarinet


Samantha Lewis Stage Manager
Leslie Thorpe-Dermody Assistant Stage Manager
Justin Haigh Producer
Sare Thorpe Producer
Scott Dermody Producer
Suzan Kim Rehearsal Pianist