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Macbeth ()

Produced by

Classical Theatre Project

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Will O’Hare


Hart House Theatre


May 7th, 2008 – May 27th, 2008


In Macbeth, Shakespeare explores the destruction wrought when the desire for power corrupts. The once-noble Macbeth descends down a bloody path to the throne, spurred by the malign (and perhaps, self-fulfilling) prophecies of the Weird Sisters, and his ever more ambitious wife. As hero becomes tyrant, Shakespeare creates a masterful commentary on the corrupting nature of power. (


Paul Kit Macbeth
Laura Nordin Weird Sister / Lady Macbeth
David Gingerich Duncan / Seyton
Craig Pike Malcolm / The Porter
Laura Burns Weird Sister / Donalbain / Lady Macduff
Justin Bott MacDuff
Jordan Kanner Banquo / Young Siward
Emily Andrews Weird Sister / Fleance
Marcel Stewart Ross

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Will O’Hare Director
Lindsay Walker Set Designer
Reza Jacobs Sound Designer
Laird Macdonald Lighting Designer
Jeremy Hutton Fight Director
Ming Wong Costume Designer
Angela McQueen Makeup Design
Emily Andrews Choreographer


Megan Pettypiece Stage Manager
David Galpern Producer
Rupal Shah Associate Producer
Dennis Keough Technical Director
Ravi Jain Movement Coach
Matthew Kassirer Graphic Designer
Dustyn Wales Assistant Stage Manager