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Margarete ()

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Creator: Janek Turkowski
Director: Janek Turkowski

Curated by: Summerworks


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator Space


February 12th, 2015 – February 15th, 2015


At an outdoor market in Berlin, theatre artist Janek Turkowski finds a set of private 8 mm films and a projector. For the low cost of 20 Euros, he takes the bargain home to Poland and begins to pour through the material. The films show a woman in East Germany, from the fifties and later, the sixties; the same woman on a bus ride, at work, in the woods, parades, scenery, parties – the sorts of things people film. Turkowski systematizes, digitizes, and looks for connections, and slowly he finds his way to the owner of the material. (


Janek Turkowski Performer

Creative Team

Janek Turkowski Conception
Janek Turkowski Director
Wiesława Turkowska Set Design
Martyna Głowacka Set Design
Janek Turkowski Set Design
Roger Anklam Music
Przemek Radar Olszewski Music
Margarete Ruhbe Video
Martyna Głowacka Video
Adam Ptaszyński Video
Marcin Piątkowski Video
Janek Turkowski Video
Jeannette Boettcher Translator
Marcin Piątkowski Translator
Andrzej Wojtasik Translator


Iwona Nowacka Production Manager