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Monkey Paw’s and the Jest of Hahalaba in 3D ()

Produced by

2hardboiledeggs Productions

Playwright: W.W. Jacobs and Louis Parker
Directors: Nina Kaye and Edward Plunkett and Natalie Kaye


The Robert Gill Theatre


August 21st, 2009 – August 23rd, 2009


The Monkey’s Paw is a classic piece of horror that has seen many incarnations over the past 100 years. It was originally a short story written by W.W. Jacobs. The play was first performed in 1910. Although some of the language is a bit dated, the play is just as chilling as it was when first written.

The Jest of Hahalaba is also a classic ‘be careful what you wish for’ storyline, but is darkly comical rather than horrifying. It was written by the fantasiest Lord Dunsany, famous for his novel The King of Elfland’s Daughter. It is a cautionary tale on the evils of greed, which was ironically written shortly before the 1929 stock market crash.  (


Bil Antoniou Snaggs / Herbert
Drea Burck Mrs. White
David Fargey Hahalaba
Claire Guastavino Minion
Vahid Noroozi Sir Arthur / Mr. White
Caedmon Ricker-Wilson Sergeant Major Morris
Devika Singh Alchemist / Mrs. Sampson

Creative Team

W.W. Jacobs Playwright ("Monkey's Paw")
Louis Parker Playwright ("Monkey's Paw")
Nina Kaye Director ("Monkey's Paw")
Edward Plunkett Playwright ("The Jest of Hahalaba")
Natalie Kaye Director ("The Jest of Hahalaba")
Lenore White Lighting Designer


Lenore White Technician
Gary Kaye Producer
Malcolm Jamison Poster Design