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No Exit ()

Produced by

Soup Can Theatre

Playwright: Jean-Paul Sartre
Translator: Stuart Gilbert
Director: Sare Thorpe


Ernest Balmer Studio


March 27th, 2013 – March 30th, 2013


In Sartre’s No Exit, three recently deceased strangers with shadowy pasts find themselves trapped together in a room in Hell with only three chairs and a grotesque bronze sculpture as the sum total of their new existence. The trio quickly realize that torture and eternal torment do not come at the hands of demons with hot pokers, but rather from each other’s words, thoughts, urges, and actions. Even though No Exit was written in 1944, it still manages to reflect present day issues with chilling accuracy. (Show Press Release)


Carolyn Hall Estelle
Daniel Pagett Garcin
Ryan Anning The Valet
Tennille Read Inez

Creative Team

Jean-Paul Sartre Playwright
Stuart Gilbert Translator
Sare Thorpe Director
Justin Haigh Dramaturge
Justin Haigh Sound Designer
Justin Haigh Set Designer
Randy Lee Set Designer


Elle Mills Stage Manager
Leslie Thorpe-Dermody Props Manager
Sare Thorpe Co-Producer
Justin Haigh Co-Producer
Nick MacInnes Co-Producer
Scott Dermody Executive Producer