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Occupy Me ()

Produced by

Counterpoint Players

Presented by

The East End Performance Crawl

Playwrights: Bronwyn Steinberg and Sarah Waisvisz
Director: Laura Astwood


The Flying Yogi


May 24th, 2014 – June 1st, 2014


Welcome to the yoga class you can’t afford to miss! Your teacher, Sarah Lotus Blossom, is the embodiment of Zen on speed – but she can’t quite let go and breathe. Join her for a life-transforming practice, where she grapples with joining the Occupy Movement, seeking Nirvana in India, and helping you find your own breath. (


Bronwyn Steinberg Performer

Creative Team

Bronwyn Steinberg Playwright
Sarah Waisvisz Playwright
Laura Astwood Director


Eric Goldstein Producer
Evan Harkai Technical Director
Rosamund Small Associate Producer
Kinnon Elliott Graphic Designer