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One Small Step ()

Produced by

Edge of the Sky Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwrights: Barbara Johnston and Anika Johnson
Director: Barbara Johnston


The Randolph Theatre


July 4th, 2018 – July 15th, 2018


When their annual musical is cancelled, a group of public school drama students set out to put up a show of their own – but in order to get funding, they have to make it about something Canadian. The result? ‘The Hadfield Follies: An Out of this World Journey Through the Life and Times of Astronaut Chris Hadfield’. (


Gregory Soloman Zacharia Van Ottocraught (The Playwright / The Man in the Moon)
Michael Eusebio Zacharia Van Ottocraught (The Playwright / The Man in the Moon)
Kelsey Verzotti Jill (The Director)
Georgia Bennett Nicky (The Choreographer / Big Dipper)
Kryslyne-Mai Ancheta Jamie (The Composer)
Rehaan Lachporia Todd (The Stage Manager)
Jack Stevens Morgan (The Assistant Stage Manager)
Elijah Manalo Diego (The Costume Designer)
Kobe Shay Durrell (His Assistant)
Colin Sims-O’Grady Keith (The Sound and Light Designer)
Joanna de Villa Rosamund (Prop Mistress)
Taylor Lovelace Ally (The Set Designer)
Tila Julien Simon (The Tech Assistant)
Catharine Merriam Muskoka (Social Media Coordinator / Ma Hatfield)
Thomas Killip James (Chris Hadfield)
Dallis Brinkman Lucy (Helene Hadfield)
Dana Halliday Lorna (Little Boy Hadfield)
Danté Prince Jonas (Pa Hadfield / Vlad / Narrator)
Eric Tzogas Belnap (Kristin Hadfield)
Jay Lumsden Feeney (Kyle Hadfield)
Rayhan Jabbar Bernard (Evan Hadfield)
Monique Pascall Monique (Little Dipper)
Glenna Walters Ginny (Narrator / Kid)
Chloë Chalmers Naomi (Narrator / Mother)
Joanne Choi Amelia (Narrator / Priest)
Marcos Alverez Cabrales Kenny (Chorus)
Jaiden Lewis Junior (Chorus)
Kavone Manning Jasmyn (Jill's Big Sister)
Joel Cumber Joel (Swing)

Creative Team

Barbara Johnston Playwright
Anika Johnson Playwright
Barbara Johnston Director
Barbara Johnston Choreographer
Gray Monczka Choreographer
Suzy Wilde Musical Director
Anika Johnson Vocal Arrangements
James Ervin Instrumental Arrangments
James Ervin Track Production
James Francis Lighting Designer
Rebecca Meikle Wardrobe
Catharine Merriam Wardrobe


Ann Merriam Producer
Charlie Agathocleous Stage Manager
Kevin Shah Sound Engineer
Jeffrey Newberry Sound Engineer
Matt Bernard Property Master
Destiny Dempsey Tech
Eric Andrews Poster Design