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Prima Donna ()

Produced by

The Luminato Festival

Composer: Rufus Wainwright
Librettists: Rufus Wainwright and Bernadette Colomine
Director: Tim Albery


Elgin Theatre


June 14th, 2010 – June 19th, 2010


Set in Paris in 1970, Prima Donna depicts a day in the life of Régine Saint Laurent, a once-adored soprano who suddenly and mysteriously quit the stage after achieving the greatest triumph of her career. Now, six years later, she contemplates a comeback, spurred on by the unexpected resurgence of romance in her life. But love, as any opera buff knows, can be a dangerous emotion. (


Janis Kelly Régine Saint Laurent
Charlotte Ellett Marie
Colin Ainsworth André Letourneur
Gregory Dahl Phillippe
Joe Bucci François
Miranda Calderon Sophie
Susan Tsagkaris Régine Cover
Carla Huhtanen Marie Cover
Sean Clark André Cover
Andrew Love Phillippe Cover

Creative Team

Rufus Wainwright Composer
Rufus Wainwright Librettist
Bernadette Colomine Librettist
Tim Albery Director
Antony McDonald Designer
Thomas C. Hase Lighting Designer
William Reynolds Projection Designer
Philippe Giraudeau Movement Director
Joanna Turner Assistant Director
Anne-Marie Woods Assistant Designer
Victoria Brennan Associate Lighting Designer
Bryan Senti Orchestration Assistant


Robert Houssart Conductor
James Holmes Assistant Conductor
Stephen Sitarsky Violin I (Concertmaster)
Lance Oullette Violin I (Assistant Concertmaster)
Pamela Hinman Violin I
Hiroko Kagawa Violin I
Renée London Violin I
Parmela Attariwala Violin I
Peter Desotto Violn I
Rebecca Wolkstein Violin I
Adele Pierre Violin II (Principal)
Marianne Urke Violin II
David Vizentine Violin II
Helen Hong Violin II
Sophie Drouin Violin II
Michael Sproule Violin II
Allene Chomyn Violin II
Roxolana Toews Viola (Principal)
Chau Luk Viola
Carolyn Blackwell Viola
Yosef Tamir Viola
Greg Campbell Viola
Capella Sherwood Viola
Shannon Knights Viola
Alastair Eng Cello (Principal)
Garrett Knecht Cello
Peter Cosbey Cello
Amy Laing Cello
Carina Reeves Cello
Mary-Katherine Finch Cello
Alan Molitz Bass (Principal)
Robert Wolanski Bass
Eric Lee Bass
Jeffrey Buchner Bass
Leslie Newman Flute (Principal)
Nina Martini-Dorey Flute
Christine Little Flute
Christine Little Piccolo
Richard Dorsey Oboe (Principal)
Clare Scholtz Oboe
Clare Scholtz English Horn
Kornel Wolak Clarinet (Principal)
Michele Verheul Clarinet
Margaret Gillie Clarinet
Michele Verheul Eb Carinet
Margaret Gillie Bass Clarinet
Elizabeth Gowen Bassoon (Principal)
Julie Shier Bassoon
William Cannaway Contra Bassoon
Michele Gagnon Horn (Principal)
Linda Bronicheski Horn
Robert Grim Trumpet (Principal)
Valerie Cowie Trumpet
Ian Cowie Trombone (Principal)
Gordon Sweeney Trombone
Herbert Poole Bass Trombone
Scott Irvine Tuba
Trevor Tureski Timpani (Principal)
John Thompson Percussion (Principal)
Andrew Dunsmore Percussion
Sarah Davidson Harp (Principal)
Albert Krywolt Celeste
Michael Bloss Organ
Ian Cowie Orchestra Contractor and Librarian


Jo Paton Producer
Jim Leaver Production Manager
Gabrielle Dalton Costume Supervisor
Marcus Hall Props Supervisor
Campbell Young Hair, Wig, and Makeup Supervisor
James Bourne Repetiteur
Dan Rutzen Repetiteur
Jason Nedecky Language Coach
Laura Deards Company Stage Manager
Pippa Meyer Deputy Stage Manager
Sam Joyce Assistant Stage Manager
Gunta Dreifelds Surtitle Operator
Keith Johnson Production Electrician
Victoria Brennan Lighting Programmer
Claire Louise Hardie Wardrobe Mistress
Craig Emerson Production Carpenter