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Rare ()

Produced by

Diverse Creations

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwrights: Nicholas David Herd and Suzanne Love and Krystal Hope Nausbaum and Sarah Carney and Nada Marie Christiane Mayla and James Hebert Hazlett and Dylan Harman Livaja and Andreas Prinz and Michael Liu
Director: Judith Thompson


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


July 5th, 2012 – July 14th, 2012


Nick feels like tall sexy grass and Mike dives deep into poetry. Krystal thinks about prenatal testing, while Nada speaks in four languages. They are all RARE and part of a nine-member ensemble that have Down syndrome. Be prepared to rethink whatever you thought about intelligence, soul and heart in this moving montage created by Judith Thompson. (


Nicholas David Herd Performer
Suzanne Love Performer
Krystal Hope Nausbaum Performer
Sarah Carney Performer
Nada Marie Christiane Mayla Performer
James Hebert Hazlett Performer
Dylan Harman Livaja Performer
Andreas Prinz Performer
Michael Liu Performer

Creative Team

Nicholas David Herd Playwright
Suzanne Love Playwright
Krystal Hope Nausbaum Playwright
Sarah Carney Playwright
Nada Marie Christiane Mayla Playwright
James Hebert Hazlett Playwright
Dylan Harman Livaja Playwright
Andreas Prinz Playwright
Michael Liu Playwright
Judith Thompson Director
Victoria Carr Assistant Director
Nick Hutcheson Dramaturge


Madeleine Greey Producer
Sharon DiGenova Stage Manager
Rosamund Small Script Assistant
Grace Thompson Campbell Stage Support
Biserka Livaja Headshots
John Gundy Cover Photo / Production Photography