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Red Light Winter ()

Produced by

Unit 102 Actors Co.

Playwright: Adam Rapp
Director: Anne van Leeuwen


Unit 102 Theatre


January 8th, 2016 – January 23rd, 2016


We bring you a modern comic tragedy about true friendship and the importance and difficulties of love. Matt is a lonely and depressed playwright on a vacation in Amsterdam with his “best friend” Davis (a successful editor). Davis surprises Matt with Christina (a local prostitute) and Matt discovers a reason to live. When they return to New York City, things take a dark and unexpected twist as the events of the past return to challenge Matt’s perception of love. (


Luis Fernandes Davis
Omar Hady Matt
Chloé Sullivan Christina

Creative Team

Adam Rapp Playwright
Anne van Leeuwen Director
Pascal Labillois Set Designer
Steve Vargo Lighting Designer
Tim Lindsay Sound Designer


Stevie Baker Stage Manager
Jarrod Clegg Assistant Stage Manager
Tracy Horner Seamstress
Jason Kibyuk Poster Design
Clem McIntosh Headshot Photographer
Melissa Wright Production Manager
Jesse Ryder Hughes Producer
Scott Walker Producer