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Salt ()

Produced by

Lark & Whimsy Theatre Collective

Playwright: Erin Vandenberg
Director: Briana Brown


The Alumnae Studio


September 17th, 2016 – September 28th, 2016


The play explores the impact of addiction and mental illness on the relationship between two teenage sisters and their alcoholic mother. When Lilias returns home after a year at school, she finds her mother Vivian increasingly fixated on Great Aunt Rose ‐ a figure Lilias believes never existed ‐ and her sister Petal virtually engrossed in a construction-paper fantasy world. Faced with an ever‐deteriorating family situation, Lilias struggles to chart a course that protects herself and Petal from Vivian’s abuse. But as tensions run high, the roles of abuser and victim become blurred. With rich theatricality, imagery and language, Salt immerses the audience in a moving and modern portrait of mental illness. (


Philippa Domville Vivian
Cosette Derome Lilias
Lucy Hill Petal
Geoffrey Armour George
Stephanie Jung Rose

Creative Team

Erin Vandenberg Playwright
Briana Brown Director
Anna Treusch Set Designer
Anna Treusch Costume Designer
Gabe Cropley Lighting Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer
Anna Treusch Projections
Briana Brown Projections


Laurie Merredew Stage Manager
Gabe Cropley Production Manager
Deanna Galati Assistant Stage Manager
Gabe Cropley Set Construction
Brittany Kay Assistant Producer
Lisa Li Consulting Producer
Katie Saunoris Publicity Consultant
Brent Millar Graphic Designer
Robert Harding Photographer
Chris Baker Producer
Erin Vandenberg Producer