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Statistics ()

Produced by

Ladyville Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Book: Shreya Jha
Music: Shreya Jha
Lyrics: Shreya Jha
Director: Shannon Henley-Dunbar


Daniels Spectrum – Ada Slaight Hall


July 6th, 2022 – July 17th, 2022


When esteemed biologist Rosalind Franklin took Photograph 51 in 1951, it changed the course of the discovery of DNA forever. Statistics shows the side-by-side stories of two female scientists, separated by half a century, embroiled in their own races against the clock. Rosalind Franklin struggles against misogyny while current-day premedical student Rose Andersson fights cutthroat competition for medical school admission. In their darkest moments, they form a connection of grit, perseverance, and love for their field. Winner of the 2020 Adams Prize for Musical Theatre, Statistics highlights an underrepresented historical figure and the beauty in scientific discovery. (


Colette Richardson Angie
Julian Da Silva Gosling
Maddie Sekulin Rose
Michael Manning Wilkins
Nam Nguyen Crick
Rachel Mundy Rosalind
Oliver Daniel Watson

Creative Team

Shreya Jha Book
Shreya Jha Music
Shreya Jha Lyrics
Shannon Henley-Dunbar Director
Michael Henley-Dunbar Music Director
Mylo Dunbar Lighting Designer


Keshav Sharma-Jaitly Drums
Gemma Donn Violin
Mira Riselli Bass
Sirui Chan Cello
Zack Goldstein Clarinet


Nova Dexter Stage Manager
Murphy Diggon Production Manager
Kevin Yue Producer