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Suitcases ()

Creator: Rosanna Saracino
Director: Rosanna Saracino
Choreographer: Linda Garneau


Artscape Sandbox


November 1st, 2016 – November 6th, 2016


Suitcases is a new theatrical work, inspired by the 400+ patient suitcases unearthed upon the closing of the Willard Asylum in 1995. (


Jill Agopsowicz Performer
Tyler Burton Performer
Jeff Douglas Performer
Michael Dufays Performer
Thomas Duplessie Performer
Arrielle Edwards Performer
Phoebe Hu Performer
Casey Hudecki Performer
Christopher Kelk Performer
Sydney LaForme Performer
Luke Letourneau Performer
Hayley Matheson Performer
Corry Ng Performer
Denise Norman Performer
Luke Opdahl Performer
Jensen Porter Performer
Jillian Rees-Brown Performer
Sofia Rodriguez Performer
Heath V. Salazar Performer
Amaka Umeh Performer

Creative Team

Rosanna Saracino Creator
Rosanna Saracino Director
Linda Garneau Choreographer
Bryan Steele Lighting Designer
Rosanna Saracino Costume Designer
Katrina Carrier Costume Designer
Luke Letourneau Original Score
Jill Agopsowicz Text Creation
Tyler Burton Text Creation
Michael Dufays Text Creation
Thomas Duplessie Text Creation
Arrielle Edwards Text Creation
Brad Fraser Text Creation
Phoebe Hu Text Creation
Casey Hudecki Text Creation
Christopher Kelk Text Creation
Sydney LaForme Text Creation
Luke Letourneau Text Creation
Hayley Matheson Text Creation
Corry Ng Text Creation
Denise Norman Text Creation
Luke Opdahl Text Creation
Jensen Porter Text Creation
Sofia Rodriguez Text Creation
Heath V. Salazar Text Creation
Rosanna Saracino Text Creation
Ethan Saulnier Text Creation
Eugene Stickland Text Creation
Amaka Umeh Text Creation


Tyler Burton Pre-Show Musicians
Taylor Hubbard Pre-Show Musicians
Clare Hunter Pre-Show Musicians
Luke Letourneau Pre-Show Musicians
Taylor Shouldice Pre-Show Musicians


David Liotta Stage Manager
Morgan O’Grady Stage Manager
Shannon Tosic-McNally Stage Manager
Maighdlin Mahoney Producer
Sarah Bransfield Volunteer
Amanda Eves Volunteer
Sam Hancock Volunteer
Ali Hand Volunteer
Janelle McGuinness Volunteer
Meredith Picyk Volunteer
Sinead Plunket-Blazi Volunteer
Chloe Whitham Volunteer
Tee Schneider Poster Photography
Maighdlin Mahoney Poster Design
Brittany Clough Rehearsal / Show Photographer
Sydney LaForme Program Design