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Surviving Speares ()

Produced by

Charlatan Remedies

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Alexandra Watt Simpson
Director: Rebecca Liddiard


Magpie Taproom


July 3rd, 2013 – July 14th, 2013


In fair Magpie, where we lay our scene, Shakespeare players have their dignity to redeem. Do you need a drink? Well they do too. Juliet has not recovered from the blood she drew. A Speare to the heart, a pint to lips, don’t forget to leave the barmaid a tip!
Suggested reading: R&J Act1.1. Ab: ‘Do you bite your thumb…’ (


Chris Issak Shakespeare
Joella Crichton Witch One
Charlotte Cattell Witch Two
Rebecca Liddiard Witch Three
Alexandra Watt Simpson Juliet
Zachery Knowles Romeo
Andrew Petker Hamlet
Peter Higginson King Lear
Andrea Massoud Cordelia
Emma Ferrante Nurse

Creative Team

Alexandra Watt Simpson Playwright
Rebecca Liddiard Director
Jennifer Jakob Costume Designer


Andrea Massoud Co-Producer
Rebecca Liddiard Co-Producer
Alexandra Watt Simpson Co-Producer
Bertha Lee Stage Manager
Kvesche Bjons-Ebacher Head of Audio
Emily Butters Assistant Stage Manager