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Swell Broad ()

Produced by

Convection Productions and Peanut Butter People

Playwright: Brooke Banning
Director: Laura Anne Harris

Presented as a part of a double bill with The Homemaker


The Storefront Theatre


April 8th, 2014 – April 13th, 2014


Set in the early 1950s, Swell Broad is the story of Stuart and Delilah’s unlikely rendezvous. Delilah, a young woman with an inquisitive mind and a quick wit, has a reputation for being cold towards men; word around town is that her ideas about love and commitment are downright reprehensible. But when the unsuspecting romantic, Stuart, stumbles into her life and finds himself smitten, both characters are forced to reexamine their assumptions about love and romance. (


Philip Furgiuele Stuart
Janelle Hanna Delilah

Creative Team

Brooke Banning Playwright
Laura Anne Harris Director
Monica Sass Sound Designer
Polly Phokeev Consulting Dramaturg
Louisa Zhu Fight Director
Erick Fournier Fight Assistant


Julia Rocchi Stage Manager
David Leyes Photographer