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The Art of Traditional Head-Tying ()

Presented by

The East End Performance Crawl

Playwright: Kanika Ambrose


Ralph Thornton Community Centre


May 23rd, 2014 – May 29th, 2014


What and where is home? How long after leaving the land of your birth does your new country become home? 20 years after immigrating to Canada, Rosemarie Jon-Charles Hicks goes back to her “home” island, Dominica, to teach a series of head-tie workshops. While there, her idealism and optimism are tested by her two zany nieces, a lethargic boyfriend, a persistent old flame, and a class of workshop attendees who really aren’t that interested.   In the one-woman play, The Art of Traditional Head-tying, actor/writer, Kanika Ambrose, tells the story of Rosemarie’s awakening to the realities of the island she left behind. Through a series of trials, an uncanny clan, and six weeks of very trying head-tie classes, Rosie is ultimately faced with this question… “If the values, people, and traditions of the place I call home have changed, where is my home now?” (


Kanika Ambrose Performer

Creative Team

Kanika Ambrose Playwright
Virgilia Griffith Collaborator
Copper Brown Collaborator


Curtricia Hector Sound Operator


Eric Goldstein Producer
Evan Harkai Technical Director
Rosamund Small Associate Producer
Suzanne Cheriton Publicist
Kinnon Elliott Graphic Designer