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The Band’s Visit ()

Produced by

Atlantic Theatre Company and Deroy-Carr-Klausner and Evamere Entertainment and Federman-Moellenberg and FVSL Theatricals and Hendel-Karmazin and Horipro Inc. and Independent Presenters Network and Jam Theatricals and Lassen Blume and StylesFour Productions and The John Gore Organization and The Shubert Organization and Tom Viertel, Steve Baruch, Marc Routh & Richard Frankel

Presented by

Mirvish Productions


CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre


September 17th, 2019 – October 20th, 2019


The eight men of the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra arrive in Israel from Egypt. They have been booked by an Arab cultural center in Petah Tikva, but through a miscommunication (because Arabic has no “p” sound, it is usually replaced with “b”), the band takes a bus to Beit Hatikva, a town in the middle of the Negev Desert.

When the Egyptians arrive at this sleepy Israeli town they soon realize their mistake. Unfortunately there is no transportation out of the town until the next day, and because the town is so small there are no hotels for them to spend the night in.

The band members dine at a small restaurant where the owner, Dina, makes arrangements for them to stay the night at her apartment, at her friends’ apartment, and in her restaurant.

While the various hosts provide each band member with shelter, food, music and companionship, there is opportunity for them to share details about each other’s lives and cultures.

Eventually they each discover their common humanity, despite being from two separate cultures and nations. Delicate new friendships are forged and a mutual understanding and acceptance blossoms. For two of the band members their friendships with the locals verge on the romantic.

The Band’s Visit beautifully and poignantly explores the unspoken longing and connection we strive to share with each other, even as we reach across the cultural and national divides that may separates us. (


Chilina Kennedy Dina
Sasson Gabay Tewfiq
Pomme Koch Itzik
Joe Joseph Haled
Mike Cefalo Telephone Guy
Adam Gabay Papi
Ronnie Malley Camal
David Studwell Avrum
Jennifer Apple Anna
Marc Ginsburg Sammy
Kendal Hartse Iris
Sara Kapner Julia
James Rana Simon
Ahmad Maksoud Zegler
Danny Burgos Standby
Loren Lester Standby
Nick Sacks Standby
Hannah Shankman Standby
Bligh Voth Standby

Creative Team

David Yazbek Music
David Yazbek Lyrics
Itamar Moses Book
David Cromber Director
Zohar Tirosh-Polk Israeli Dramaturg
Patrick McCollum Choreographer
Scott Pask Scenic Designer
Sarah Laux Costume Designer
Tyler Micoleau Lighting Designer
Kai Harada Sound Designer
Maya Ciarrocchi Projection Designer
Charles LaPointe Hair and Wig Design
Seth Sikes Associate Director
Zi Alikhan Associate Director
Jesse Kovarsky Associate Choreographer
Jamshied Sharifi Orchestrations
Andrea Grody Additional Music Arrangements
Jerome Martin Associate Scenic Designer
Gabriel Firestone Associate Scenic Designer
Justin Hall Associate Costume Designer
Kirk Fitzgerald Associate Lighting Designer
Joel Britt Assistant Lighting Designer
Josh Millican Associate Sound Designer
J. Patrick Pummill Associate Sound Designer
Stivo Arnoczy Associate Projection Designer
Rachael Geier Associate Hair Designer
Billy Jay Stein Electronic Music Design
Hiro Iida Electronic Music Design


Adrian Ries Associate Conductor
Rick Bertone Conductor
Tony Bird Violin
George Crotty Cello
Evan Francis Clarinet / Saxophone / Flute
Roger Kashou Darbouka / Riq
Ronnie Malley Oud / Guitar
Rick Bertone Keyboard
Adrian Ries Keyboard
Shai Wetzer Drums / Arabic Percussion
Alex Farha Musician Swing


Dean Sharenow Music Coordinator
Peter Foley Music Preparation
Hannah Shankman Dance Captain
Danny Burgos Assistant Dance Captain
Tara Rubin Casting
Peter Van Dam Casting
Zohar Tirosh-Polk Israeli Dialect Coach
Ronnie Malley Dialect Coach
John M. Atherlay Production Stage Manager
Allan Williams Executive Producer
Seth Wenig Executive Producer
Chris Danner Company Manager
Andrea Grody Musical Supervision
Dean Sharenow Musical Supervision
Nikki Lint Stage Manager
Shelby Stark Assistant Stage Manager
Orin Wolf Producer
David F. Schwartz Producer
Barbara Broccoli Producer
Frederick Zollo Producer
Thomas Steven Perakos Producer
Marc Platt Producer
Robert Cole Producer
Roy Furman Producer
James L. Nederlander Producer
Al Nocciolino Producer
Iris Smith Producer
Susan Rose Producer
David Mirvish Producer
David Haines Assistant Company Manager
Stephen Atwell Production Electrician
Christopher Nimm Production Electrician
Reece Nunez Production Sound
Eric Reynolds Production Properties
Jay Penfield Moving Light Programmer
Ido Levran Video Programmer
Joseph Spratt Head Carpenter
Jesse Van Swol Flying Director
Lisa Lepoidevin Assistant Carpenter
Lisa Lepoidevin Automation
Kasey Walraven Assistant Carpenter
Kasey Walraven Deck Carpenter
Joel “JB” Bulthuis Head Electrician
Timothy Mack Assistant Electrician
Liam Lewis-Marlow Assistant Electrician
Colin Braeger Head Sound
Gavin Little Assistant Sound
Anna Katharine Mantz Head Propmaster
Emily Staloch Wardrobe Supervisor
Lyndsi Sager Assistant Wardrobe Head
Karmen Otto Wig and Make-Up Supervisor
Ashley-Rose Galligan Production Consultant
Or Schraiber Gogo Dance Instructor
Brandon Allmon-Jackson Production Assistant
Kate M. Carolan Production Assistant
Eric Nolan Mattingly Production Assistant
Claire E. Murphy Production Assistant
Jacob Stuckelman Production Assistant
Brian Sewell Executive Producer
David Mucci Managing Director
Scot Whitham Director of Production
Linda Intaschi Associate Producer
Charles Chu Associate General Manager
Sarah Sisko Assistant Producer
Chris Prideaux Production Manager
Nathan Giles Production Manager
Brianne Gwartz Assistant Production Manager
Desirée Proveau Production Administrator
Anika Nater Associate Company Manager
Jen Cooper Assistant Company Manager
Tristan Gough Videographer


Ron Jacobson General Manager
Nigel Romeril Head Electrician
Kenneth McCrodden Head Carpenter
Sean Poole Head Flyman
Megan Burns Head of Properties
Steve Devine Head of Sound
Jenny Fraser Head of Wardrobe
Chris Ibbetson Wig Head
Kevin McCarthy Maintenance Manager