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The Code ()

Produced by

Green Thumb Theatre

Presented by

Young People’s Theatre

Playwright: Rachel Aberle
Director: Patrick McDonald


The Nathan Cohen Theatre


November 27th, 2018 – December 14th, 2018


After receiving backlash for instigating a student protest at her high school, Moira is initially supported by her best friends Simon and Connor. However, Simon’s support turns to anger after learning his feelings for Moira are not reciprocated. When Simon leaks a humiliating video mash-up of Moira’s protest speech, there are consequences he cannot control. Green Thumb Theatre’s play for teens examines complex questions about loyalty, accountability and taking power. (


Elizabeth Barrett Moira
Nathan Kay Simon
Mason Temple Connor

Creative Team

Rachel Aberle Playwright
Patrick McDonald Director
Elizabeth Wellwood Costume Designer
Elizabeth Wellwood Sound Designer
Bronwyn Carradine Assistant Director
Ruth Bruhn Set Designer


Ruth Bruhn Stage Manager


Joshua Hind Director of Production
Shanna Miller Technical Director