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The Comedy of Errors ()

Produced by

Canadian Stage

Director: Matjash Mrozewski
Playwright: William Shakespeare


High Park Amphitheatre


July 3rd, 2015 – September 5th, 2015


The play opens with the trial of a poor merchant from Syracuse, whose family was separated years ago by shipwreck. This merchant, Egeon, had undertaken a quest to search for his surviving twin son, Antipholus, who had two years earlier set off with his bondsman Dromio (also a twin) to search for their respective missing brothers. Egeon is unsuccessful in his search, and on his journey homeward trespasses into Ephesus, a city-state in conflict with Syracuse. Unable to pay the necessary ransom, Egeon is condemned to death by the laws of Ephesus.

That same night, his son Antipholus arrives in Ephesus with Dromio, unaware that Egeon has recently landed, and that his long-lost twin lives in the city as well. The local twin, Antipholus of Ephesus, also has a bondsman named Dromio (the Syracusans having adopted their lost brothers’ names).

A roller coaster of errors begins as the visiting Antipholus is thrust unwittingly into his brother’s domestic life, which involves an alienated wife, Adriana, and an enchanting sister-in-law, Luciana. Sharing names and appearances, the four twins — and eventually the members of their community — are all tied up in an absurd knot of confusion that builds to a frenzied climax. (


Christopher Allen Courtesan / Balthasar
Dalal Badr Luciana
Sean Baek Angelo / Priest
Allegra Fulton Adriana
Soo Garay Luce / Officer
Kyle Golemba Antipholus of Ephesus
Jessica Greenberg Dromio of Ephesus
Randi Helmers Abbess
Allan Louis Egeon
Michael McManus Solinus
Dylan Trowbridge Antipholus of Syracuse
Naomi Wright Dromio of Syracuse

Creative Team

Matjash Mrozewski Director
William Shakespeare Playwright
Neil Silcox Assistant Director
Sean Mulcahy Costume Designer
Teresa Przybylski Set Designer
Bradley A. Trenaman Lighting Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer
Simon Fon Fight Director


Sandy Plunkett Production Stage Manager
Laura Baxter Stage Manager
Andrea Baggs Assistant Stage Manager
Victoria Wang Apprentice Stage Manager
Rey Casino Mix Engineers
Vanessa Vai Mix Engineer
Michael Legouffe Dresser