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The Darkest Dark ()

Produced by

Young People’s Theatre

Co-Writers: Ian Macintyre and Jim Millan
Director: Jim Millan

Based on the book by Chris Hadfield and Kate Fillion


The Susan Rubes Theatre


February 2nd, 2023 – April 2nd, 2023


It’s 1969 and Apollo 11 is about to land on the moon. Nine-year-old space-loving Chris spends his days dreaming of becoming a brave astronaut. But at bedtime, the night closes in and so too does his fear of the dark. For Chris, watching history being made hinges on conquering his fear – and embracing the unknown. (


Hannah Forest Briand Jane
Aurora Browne Mom
Craig Lauzon Dad
Xavier Lopez Herbie
Ziska Louis Chris
Shaquille Pottinger Keith
Evelyn Wiebe Cindy

Creative Team

Ian Macintyre Co-Writer
Jim Millan Co-Writer
Jim Millan Director
Anna Treusch Set Designer
Anna Treusch Costume Designer
Bonnie Beecher Lighting Designer
Deanna H. Choi Composer
Deanna H. Choi Sound Designer
Daniele Guevara Video Designer
Joyce Padua Associate Set Designer
Joyce Padua Associate Costume Designer
River Cecil Oliveira Assistant Sound Designer
Herbie Barnes Dramaturge
Stephen Colella Dramaturge
Allen MacInnis Dramaturge


Laura Baxter Stage Manager
Troy Taylor Assistant Stage Manager
David Ben Magic Consultant
Kelly Brownbill Auntie-in-Residence


Zach Bruman Director of Production
Shanna Miller Senior Technical Director
Tiffany Ledesma Technical Director
Kieran Dament Assistant Scenic Carpenter
Kira Duff Assistant Head Scenic Artist
Susanna Feng Head Scenic Artist
Michael Grdosic Head Scenic Carpenter
Ilana Harendorf Head of Wardrobe
Nina Hartt Head of Properties
Taylor Lindsay Head Stage Carpenter
Mike Mills Head of Audio
Ash Ovington Head of Lighting