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The Menaechmus Twins ()

Produced by

Stone Circle Projects and Theatreworks Productions

Playwright: Titus Maccius Plautus
Director: Melee Hutton


Withrow Park


July 29th, 2009 – August 9th, 2009


Plautus’ The Menaechmus Twins tells the story of separated identical twin brothers, each coincidentally named Menaechmus, who as adults unwittingly come to occupy the same ancient streets of Epidamnus. After several incidents of mistaken identity, confusion, adultery, madness, foiled plots, twists, turns and near misses, the twins are re-united and a slave is allowed to go free. Early farce at its best, The Menaechmus Twins is a rare blend of the classical with the modern incorporating sung text and farce. It is light, uproariously funny, and bawdy, offering our audience the chance to escape into a world of mayhem and carnival. (


Sarah Evans Erotium / Wife of Menaechmus of Epidamnus
Ryan Hollyman Menaechmus of Syracuse
Bryce Kulak Musician / Brothel Boy
Seamus Morrison Roll / Doctor
Adrian Proszowski Messenio
Egan Ryan Father in Law of Menachmus of Epidamnus
Jeffrey R. Smith Sponge
Oliver Salathiel Desio
Julian Salathiel Huskie
Wayne Ward Menaechmus of Epidamnus

Creative Team

Titus Maccius Plautus Playwright
Melee Hutton Director
Andrea Mittler Set Designer
Ming Wong Costume Designer
Bryce Kulak Music
Bryce Kulak Lyrics
Kaitlyn Regehr Erotium's Dance Choreographer
Ray Hogg Finale Choreography and Staging


Louise Currie Stage Manager
Michael Cuttini Production Manager
Catherine Fawcett Publicity
Sarah Evans Producer
Jeffrey R. Smith Producer
Jeff Kulak Poster / Postcard Design
Amy Proszowski Graphic Designer
John Rait Photographer