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The Numbers Game ()

Produced by

The Pulp Collective

Presented by

The Storefront Arts Initiative

Director: Benjamin Blais
Playwrights: James Schultz and Claire Burns and Meghan Swaby and Bahia Watson and Emma Mackenzie Hillier and Beau Dixon


The Storefront Theatre


September 29th, 2016 – November 6th, 2016


Set in the dirty 30’s, The Numbers Game is based on the gang and race war that tore through Harlem after prohibition ended and organized crime turned from booze to gambling. Following the story of Stephanie ‘Queenie’ St. Clair, a fiery Madam known as the Tiger from Marseilles, and the Beer Baron of New York,Dutch Schultz, The Numbers Game dives into the race-fuelled clash between these two titans of illicit industry. As Queenie defends Harlem’s booming penny lottery “numbers game” against Schultz’s brutal invasion, New York city seethes with power hungry gangsters ready to knife or cheat their way to the top. (


Karine Ricard Queenie St. Clair
Jamie Cavanagh Dutch Schultz
Ngabo Nabea Bumpy Johnson
James McDougall Abbadabba Berman
Celia Aloma Catherine Odium
Brandon Coffey Bo Weinberg / Judge Seabury / Bugs Workman
Jeff Hanson Mad Dog Coll / Thomas Dewey / Mendy Weiss
Ucal Shillingford Leon / Six-n-Eight
Dwain Murphy Hub Hewlett
Beau Dixon Dickie Wells
Jeanie Calleja Polly Adler
Robin Cunningham Julie Martin
Hardee T. Lineham Jim Noonan
Justin Goodhand Lucky Luciano
Ella Batten Faye
Emma Mackenzie Hillier Ruthie

Creative Team

Benjamin Blais Director
James Schultz Playwright - Pilot: The Numbers Game
Claire Burns Playwright - The Storm, The Whirlwind & The Earthquake
Meghan Swaby Playwright - Go to the Mattresses
Bahia Watson Playwright - Heavy is the Head That Wears The Crown
Emma Mackenzie Hillier Playwright - White Picket Fences
Beau Dixon Playwright - As Ye Sow
Christine Ting-Huan 挺歡 Urquhart Set Designer
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer
Melissa Joakim Projection Designer
Holly Lloyd Costume Designer
Stephanie Michelle Leon Assistant Costume Designer
Miquelon Rodriguez Sound Designer
Geoff Scovell Fight Director


Miquelon Rodriguez Composer


Ella Batten Producer
Emma Mackenzie Hillier Showrunner
Emma Mackenzie Hillier Producer
James Schultz Showrunner
Sean Miller Stage Manager
Jeff Hanson Fight Captain
Roderick Hillier Set Builder


Imogen Wilson Production Coordinator
Christina Bryson Associate Producer
Kevin Chew Associate Producer
Sonia Vaillant Associate Producer
Melissa Joakim Technical Director
Holly Lloyd Head of Wardrobe
John Gundy Photographer