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The Phantom of the Opera ()

Produced by

Cameron Mackintosh Ltd and The Really Useful Group

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics: Charles Hart
Book: Andrew Lloyd Webber and Richard Stilgoe

Based on the novel ‘Le Fantôme de L’Opéra’ by Gaston Leroux


The Princess of Wales Theatre


February 21st, 2007 – June 17th, 2007


Andrew Lloyd Webber’s THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, directed by Harold Prince, traces the tragic love story of a beautiful opera singer and a young composer shamed by his physical appearance into a shadowy existence beneath the majestic Paris Opera.

Adapted from Gaston Leroux’s classic novel of mystery and suspense. (



John Cudia The Phantom
Marni Raab Christine Daaé
Michael Gillis Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny
D.C. Anderson Monsier André
Bruce Winant Monsieur Firmin
Kim Stengel Carlotta Giudicelli
Rebecca Judd Madame Giry
John Whitney Ubaldo Piangi
Kate Wray Meg Giry
Sarah Lawrence Christine Daaé (at certain performances)
Greg Mills Hairdresser ("Il Muto") / Marksman / Understudy for Raoul and André
Janice Niggeling Ballet Chorus
Sal Sabella Swing / Understudy for the Phantom, André, and Piangi
Pamela Shandrow Page
Erin Stewart Princess / Understudy for Christine
Sally Ann Swarm Innkeeper's Wife
Kirk Vaughn-Robinson Gollywog / Fireman / Understudy for Firmin
Laureen Vigil Swing / Understudy for Carlotta and Madame Giry
Joseph Woelfel Slavemaster ("Hannibal") / Solo Dancer ("Il Muto")
Melissa Wood Ballet Chorus / Understudy for Meg Giry
James Zander Slavemaster ("Hannibal") / Solo Dancer ("Il Muto")
Justin Peck Slavemaster ("Hannibal")
Julianne Cavendish Ballet Chorus
Dara Adler Ballet Chorus
Lawrence Asher Stagehand
Polly Baird Ballet Chorus
Katie Banks Wardrobe Mistress / Confidante / Understudy for Carlotta
Kyle Barisich Soldier / Policeman / Understudy for Raoul
David DeWitt Monsieur Reyer / Jeweler ("Il Muto")
William Patrick Dunne Swing
David Gaschen Swing
Kristi Patricia Ballet Chorus / Understudy for Meg Giry
Joelle Gates Ballet Chorus / Understudy for Meg Giry
Jessy Hendrickson Ballet Chorus
Anne Kanengeiser Madame Firmin / Wildwoman ("Hannibal") / Understudy for Madame Giry
John Kuether Auctioneer / Don Attilio / Passarino / Understudy for Firmin
Laurie V. Langdon Ballet Swing
Sarah Anne Lewis Spanish Lady
Rob Lorey Jospeh Buquet / Understudy for the Phantom / Understudy for Piangi
Michael McCoy Monsieur Lefévre / Firechief / Understudy for Firmin
Carli Millen Ballet Chorus

Creative Team

Andrew Lloyd Webber Music
Charles Hart Lyrics
Andrew Lloyd Webber Book
Richard Stilgoe Book
Andrew Lloyd Webber Co-Orchestrator
Richard Stilgoe Addidtional Lyrics
Gillian Lynne Musical Staging and Choreography
Maria Björnson Production Designer
Andrew Bridge Lighting Designer
Martin Levan Sound Designer
David Cullen Co-Orchestrator
David Caddick Musical Director
David Caddick Musical Supervision
Glenn Langdon Musical Director
Kristen Blodgette Associate Musical Supervisor
Denny Berry Associate Dance Supervisor
Paul Weimer Associate Scenic Designer (U.S)
Sam Fleming Associate Costume Designer (U.S.)
Janet Grant Associate Costume Designer (U.S.)
Vivien Leone Associate Lighting Designer (U.S)
Jon Weston Associate Sound Designer (U.S.)
Dennis Moyes Assistant to the Scenic Designer
Dana Kenn Assistant to the Scenic Designer
John Paul Geurts Assistant to the Scenic Designer
Nancy Palmatier Assistant to the Costume Designer
Paul Palazzo Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Howard Eaton Lighting Consultant
Stephen Pyle Sculpture Consultant
Christopher Tucker "The Phantom" Make-up Creation and Design


Glenn Langdon Principal Conductor
David Robison Associate Conductor
Cynthia Hoxie Associate Conductor
Jennifer Choi Concertmaster
Michele Irion Violin
Erica Beston Violin
Xiao Grabke Violin
Janet Horne-Cozens Violin
Jonathan Craig Viola
Amy Laing Cello
Luc Michaud Bass
Karen Rotenberg Oboe / English Horn
Barbara Ackerman Flute / Piccolo
Harvey Kogen Flute / Clarinet
Mark Promane Clarinet / Eb Clarinet / Bass Clarinet
Michele Gagnon French Horn
Diane Doig French Horn
Norman Engel Trumpet
Michael Brothers Percussion
Cynthia Hoxie Keyboards / Synthesizers
Edwin Milam Keyboards / Synthesizers
David Robison Keyboards / Synthesizers
Edwin Milam Rehearsal Pianist


Rick Whitelaw Toronto Orchestra Contractor
Jake Bell Technical Production Manager
Matthew Sherr Company Manager
Amy Marsico Production Stage Manager
Jason J. Carroll Stage Manager
Anne Michelson Assistant Stage Manager
David Hansen Advance Stage Manager
Emily Powell Associate Company Manager
Alan Wasser General Manager
Allan Williams General Manager
Robert Nolan General Manager
Steven Schnepp Booking, Marketing, and Engagement Management
Temah Higgins Booking, Marketing, and Engagement Management
Bill Miller Tour Press Representative
Jen Salez Tour Press Representative
Vance Stringer Tour Press Representative
Ruth Mitchell Assistant to Mr. Prince
Peter Von Mayrhauser Production Supervisor
Laurie V. Langdon Dance Captain
Dara Adler Assistant Dance Captain
Thom Mitchell Associate Manager
Ron LaRosa Casting Director
Tara Rubin Casting Director
Jeff Seibert Casting Assistant
Rebecca Carfagna Casting Assistant
Joseph Patria Production Carpenter
Robert Fehribach Production Electrician
Tim Abel Production Propertyman
James Harris Production Automation Carpenter
Steve Kennedy Production Soundman
Jon Weston Production Sound Supervisor
Leone Gagliardi Production Hair Supervisor
Thelma L. Pollard Production Make-Up Supervisor
Randy Moreland Master Carpenter
Roger Desmond Master Electrician
Rick Schadle Company Carpenter
Walter Dzialo, Jr. Company Propertyman
Brian C. Moore Company Soundman
Frankie Fehr Company Wardrobe Supervisor
Karen Dickenson Company Hair Supervisor
Kevin Ankele Pyro Technician
Steve Templeton Automation Carpenter
Don Adcock Automation Carpenter
Emil Ellis Flyman
Jim Hegwood Assistant Carpenter
Brian Weinkauf Assistant Carpenter
Angela Loupee Assistant Electrician
Edgar Vanegas Assistant Electrician
Gregory Tassinaro Assistant Propertyman
Todd Higgins Assistant Soundman
Julia Kennedy Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
Soon V. Martin Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
Ruth Dentel Sewing Superviser
Dawna Ellis "Christine" Dresser
Edward DeJesus Advance Carpenter
Jacel Evans Advance Carpenter
Steve Ruelle Advance Carpenter
Mike Gosenski Advance Rigger
Marc Mannoni Advance Rigger
Dan Frasco Advance Automation Carpenter
Dennis Watson Advance Automation Carpenter
Todd Drga Advance Electrician
Keith Harris II Advance Electrician
Charles Trouse Advance Electrician
Dean Burchett Advance Propertyman
Joanna Lynne Staub Advance Sound
Mara Moreland Advance Wardrobe Staff
David Poole Advance Wardrobe Staff
Christine Rader Advance Wardrobe Staff
Don Skelton Advance Wardrobe Staff
Jenn Chin Hairdresser
Jane Larson Hairdresser
Jennifer A. Light Hairdresser
Eileen M. Soro Hairdresser
Rudy D. Guerrero Make-up Artist and Supervisor
Jennifer A. Light Make-up Swing
Michael Brothers Music Coordinator
Donald Oliver Music Preparation Supervisor (U.S.)
Evan Morris Music Preparation Supervisor (U.S.)
Brett Alan Sommer Synthesizer Consultant
Christopher Betz Assistant to the General Manager
Christopher D’Angelo Assistant to the General Manager
Jason Hewitt Assistant to the General Manager
Jake Hirzel Assistant to the General Manager
Patty Montesi Assistant to the General Manager
Jennifer Mudge Assistant to the General Manager
Marc Thibodeau National Press Representative
Michael S. Borowski National Press Representative
Joan Marcus Production Photographer