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The Public Servant ()

Produced by

Common Boots Theatre and Nightwood Theatre

Creators: Jennifer Brewin and Haley McGee and Sarah McVie and Amy Rutherford
Director: Jennifer Brewin


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Upstairs Theatre


March 13th, 2016 – April 3rd, 2016


Step inside the halls of power as Madge, a young, idealistic and enthusiastic civil servant, gets ready to write her first official memo. The only thing standing in her way are endless revisions, an impossible deadline, funding cutbacks and the ever-shifting world of government protocol. This hard-hitting and hilarious play asks: doesn’t a successful society – one that is engaged, working, healthy and educated – require a successful civil service? (


Amy Keating Madge
Sarah McVie Lois
Amy Rutherford Cynthia / Various

Creative Team

Jennifer Brewin Creator
Haley McGee Creator
Sarah McVie Creator
Amy Rutherford Creator
Jennifer Brewin Director
Anna Treusch Set Designer
Anna Treusch Costume Designer
Martin Conboy Lighting Designer
Michael Rinaldi Sound Designer
Kate Alton Choreography
Hugh Martignago Lighting Design Assistance


Sandy Plunkett Stage Manager
Rebecca Vandevelde Production Manager


Cecilia Waszczuk Head Technician