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The Tempest ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Jeremy Hutton


Hart House Theatre


November 5th, 2014 – November 22nd, 2014


One of Shakespeare’s most acclaimed plays The Tempest tells the tale of a vengeful, exiled lord who is willing to sacrifice the happiness of his beloved daughter as a means to destroy his rivals. Set on a desolate island full of mystery and magic, The Tempest explores the nature of justice, the illusion of power and the fantastical monsters that lurk within the human condition. (


Peter Higginson Prospero
Katherine Fogler Miranda
Amaka Umeh Ariel
William Foley Caliban
Scott Moore Alonso
Andrei Preda Ferdinand
Michael Adam Hogan Sebastian
Michael McLeister Gonzalo
Jesse Phillips Antonio
Jamie Johnson Adrian
Paolo Santalucia Stephano
Cameron Laurie Tinculo
Polly Phokeev Goddess
Erin Eldershaw Ensemble
Matthew Fuller Ensemble
Brittany Rae Robinson Ensemble
Heath V. Salazar Ensemble
Mitch Wedgewood Ensemble
Dillon Caines Mariner
Armon Ghaeinizadeh Mariner
Saad Ilyas Mariner
Christo Luksatrio Mariner
Jake Rutigliano Mariner

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Jeremy Hutton Director
Jeremy Hutton Sound Designer
Joe Pagnan Set Designer
Kathleen Black Costume Designer
Joseph Patrick Lighting Designer
Ashleigh Powell Choreographer
Victoria McEwan Assistant Director
Noa Katz Assistant Set Designer
Agustine Correa Scarpa Assistant Costume Designer


Dustyn Wales Stage Manager
Susan Bond Dramaturge
Jackie McClelland Property Master
Sam Hale Assistant Stage Manager
Christina Bondi Assistant Stage Manager
Laura Lakatosh Assistant Stage Manager
Amy Thind Assistant Stage Manager
Alexandra Smith Makeup Design
Moira Garr Make-up Artist
Jayden Hsueh Assistant Technical Director
Holly Meyer-Dymny Props Assistant
Scott Gorman Carpenter
Erin Caple Painter
Lanndis De Lallo Painter
Fiki Falola Painter
Stephanie Newton Painter
Susan (Xue) Yan Painter
Kezia Yu Painter
Rachel Chen Wardrobe Crew
Laura Delchiaro Wardrobe Crew
Jules Mendoza Wardrobe Crew
Irene Sotoodeh Wardrobe Crew
Arantza Santoyo Delgado Dresser
Mary Beth Duffy Dresser
Emma Keil-Vine Dresser
Shahrukh Malik Dresser
Rehana Mushtaq Dresser
Debbie Zalamea Dresser
Stephanie Zeit Dresser
Saheb Dhody Production Assistant
Grace Gutierrez Production Assistant
Lucy McPhee Production Assistant
Mariya Postelnyak Production Assistant
Jayden Schneider Production Assistant
Badewa Ajibade Lighting Board Operator
Chloe Duan Lighting Board Operator
Andrew Xia Lighting Board Operator
Wing Sheung Chan Sound Operator
Navi Suresh Sound Operator
Shashwat Sharma Videographer
Daniel DiMarco Photographer
Scott Gorman Photographer