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The Winter’s Tale ()

Produced by

Shakespeare in the Ruff

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Sarah Kitz

With support from Crow’s Theatre


Withrow Park


August 14th, 2019 – September 2nd, 2019


Shakespeare in the Ruff brings one of Shakespeare’s most transformative plays, The Winter’s Tale, to Withrow Park. Moving from darkness to light, The Winter’s Tale magically explores forgiveness, repentance, and how we come together. (


Jani Lauzon Paulina / Old Shepherd
Tiffany Martin Hermione / Autolycus
Richard Lee Leontes / Clown
Eponine Lee Mamillius / Bear / Time
Kaitlyn Riordan Camillo / Gaoler / Dion
Giovanni Spina Florizell / Antigonus / Cleomines
Andrea Carter Perdita / Emilia / Officer
Jason Gray Polixenes / Rogero

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Sarah Kitz Director
Sarah Kitz Dramaturge
Andrew Joseph Richardson Dramaturge
Sarah Kitz Choreographer
Keshia Palm Assistant Director
Claire Hill Scenography
Jareth Li Lighting Designer
Maddie Bautista Sound Designer
Maddie Bautista Composer
Maddie Bautista Lyricist
Isabel Martins Prop Designer


Tamara Vuckovic Stage Manager
Nazerah Carlisle Assistant Stage Manager
Gloria Mok Production Manager
Gloria Mok Technical Director
Kate Walker Producer
Eva Barrie Associate Producer
Elizabeth Morris Deaf Community Consultant
Nicole Smieja Child Minder
Emma Westray Front of House Manager
Keshia Palm Social Media Producer