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The Winter’s Tale ()

Produced by

Dandelion Theatre

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Max Ackerman


41 Howland Avenue


October 28th, 2022 – November 6th, 2022


We invite you into the court of Sicilia, and into the fields of Bohemia, where you may eat, drink, and bear witness to a crisis that unfolds over a few days, and a reconciliation sixteen years later, all in the span of a few hours. Mamillius, the young prince, says early on in this play “a sad tale is best for winter. I have one of sprites and goblins.” When the logic of reality fails, we journey to the supernatural for answers. Join us as we inhabit the space between, and get swept up in the ever rapid river or time (Show Facebook Event)


Gugun Deep Singh Leontes
Tara Paterson Hermione
Edmond Clark Polixenes
Anoushka Prasad Perdita
Brennan Roberts Florizel
Drea Burck Paulina
Ted Powers Antigonus / Shepherd
James Llewellyn Evans Camillo
Sivert Das Time / Autolycus
Jackson Doner Clown
Brianna Wright Emilia / Dorcas
Julianna Docherty Archidamus / Cleomenes / Mopsa / Mariner
Analiese Hall Mamillius
Augusta Monet Bohemian Servant

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Max Ackerman Director
Macayla Paris Movement Director
Tessa Bourchier Wardrobe Coordinator
Beth Airton Scenic Designer


Sooji Kim Stage Manager
Adam Brennan Lighting and Sound Technician
Max Ackerman Producer
James Wallis Text Coach
Joshna Mahara Guest Chef
Robert Wilder Guest Chef


Justin Santiago Production Manager