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True Crime ()

Produced by

Castleton Massive

Presented by

Crow’s Theatre

Co-Creators: Chris Abraham and Torquil Campbell


Streetcar Crowsnest – The Guloien Theatre


May 1st, 2023 – May 7th, 2023


Clark Rockefeller is a real life conman of the highest order, now serving a near-life sentence in a California State prison. Iconic musician and provocateur Torquil Campbell wants to try him on for size. What does it mean for an excellent fabulator to embody an excellent fabulator? In the end, does an intricate con differ that much from a successful work of art?

Torquil’s dogged investigation and impersonation challenges us to find the truth in TRUE CRIME and confront our cultural addiction to a good story. (


Torquil Campbell Performer

Creative Team

Chris Abraham Co-Creator
Torquil Campbell Co-Creator
Remington North Production Designer
Julian Brown Composer


Julian Brown Musician


Heather Landon Producer
LJ Savage Production Manager
Ryan Borshuk Technical Director
Jay Hines House Technician
Zachery White House Technician