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Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike ()

Produced by

Mirvish Productions and The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

Playwright: Christopher Durang
Director: Dean Paul Gibson


CAA Theatre


March 15th, 2015 – April 5th, 2015


When you name your three children after Chekhov characters, you’re asking for problems. And so it turns out for Vanya, Sonia and Masha, who have grown up to be three of the most dysfunctional siblings imaginable. Masha is an incredibly self-aggrandising B-movie actress who traverses the globe, earning enough money to support her brother and sister, who stayed at home to look after their parents, and have grown ever more socially withdrawn in the process. Now, the parents have died and Masha is back! This human hurricane brings toyboy lover Spike in tow, together with plans to sell the family house. Inevitably, farce and chaos ensues! (


Fiona Reid Sonia
Jennifer Dale Masha
Steven Sutcliffe Vanya
Ellen Denny Nina
Audrey Dwyer Cassandra
Luke Humphrey Spike

Creative Team

Christopher Durang Playwright
Dean Paul Gibson Director
Sue LePage Set Designer
Sue LePage Costume Designer
Scott Henderson Lighting Designer
Peter McBoyle Sound Designer
Cindymarie Small Assistant Director


Erin Fitzgerald Stage Manager
Melissa Novecosky Assistant Stage Manager
David Mirvish Producer