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WaterFall ()

Produced by

Theatre Gargantua

Director: Jacquie PA Thomas
Playwrights: Michael Gordon Spence and Heather Marie Annis and Muhaddisah and Trisha Talreja and Andrew Soutter


Factory Mainspace Theatre


October 19th, 2023 – November 5th, 2023


It covers almost 3/4 of the planet, yet its mystery and magnificence remain almost entirely unexplored. Inspired by the true account of the first underwater explorers to make it to Challenger Deep, 11 km straight down, WaterFall examines our complex and poetic relationship with water – the magical molecule, the stuff of life, the source of everything, including our stories. (


Michael Gordon Spence Ensemble
Heather Marie Annis Ensemble
Muhaddisah Ensemble
Trisha Talreja Ensemble
Andrew Soutter Ensemble

Creative Team

Jacquie PA Thomas Director
Michael Gordon Spence Playwright
Heather Marie Annis Playwright
Muhaddisah Playwright
Trisha Talreja Playwright
Andrew Soutter Playwright
Ottilie Mason Costume Designer
Laird Macdonald Lighting Designer
Laird Macdonald Projection Designer
Heidi Chan Sound Designer
Heidi Chan Music Director
Tori Morrison Sound Designer
Tori Morrison Music Director
Tori Morrison Composer
Heidi Chan Composer
Heather Marie Annis Composer
Muhaddisah Composer
Andrew Soutter Composer
Michael Gordon Spence Composer
Trisha Talreja Composer
Michael Gordon Spence Set Designer


Heather Bellingham Stage Manager
Chris Clifford Production Manager
Rahaf Fasheh Artistic Intern
Grace Lamarche Artistic Intern
Bill Corcoran Painter
Makiah Bautis House Technician