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Driftwood Theatre



Artistic Director: D. Jeremy Smith

Driftwood Theatre is Ontario’s leading outdoor summer touring theatre company, on the road with our exciting, accessible Bard’s Bus tour visiting Ontario communities for more than 20 years.

Simply Classic. Driftwood re-defines the classics through exploration of new styles and interpretations of the world’s greatest plays, even as we invest in the development of today’s voices in Canadian Theatre—the classics of tomorrow. Our aesthetic is one of simple clarity: to tell the best stories and to tell them honestly.


Produced by Driftwood Theatre

A (Musical) Midsummer Night’s Dream July 26th, 2019 – July 30th, 2019
The Taming of the Shrew July 19th, 2016 – July 24th, 2016
Hamlet July 9th, 2015 – August 16th, 2015
The Tempest July 10th, 2014 – August 17th, 2014
The Odyssey July 11th, 2013 – July 28th, 2013
A Midsummer Night’s Dream July 12th, 2012 – August 19th, 2012
Twelfth Night July 8th, 2010 – August 15th, 2010
King Lear July 9th, 2009 – August 23rd, 2009
The Comedy of Errors July 9th, 2009 – August 23rd, 2009

Current Staff

D. Jeremy Smith Artistic Director