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The Cheshire Unicorn



Artistic Director: Melissa Major

Launched in 2002, The Cheshire Unicorn aims to produce innovative, thoughtful, and experimental productions created by Canadian artists. Since it’s founding, the company has consistently staged thought-provoking and interesting theatre, gaining itself a prestigious reputation in Toronto’s independent theatre market. The Cheshire Unicorn continues to entertain with diverse productions ranging from historical absurdist drama to modern surrealism.



Produced by The Cheshire Unicorn

i feel you July 3rd, 2019 – July 13th, 2019
Everyday Oppressions July 2nd, 2015 – July 11th, 2015
Infinitum July 7th, 2011 – July 17th, 2011
The Saddest Girl in the World August 5th, 2010 – August 15th, 2010
Unicorn Horns November 7th, 2007 – November 18th, 2007

Current Staff

Melissa Major Artistic Director