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Lisa Van Oorschot

Crew, Designer, Lighting Designer, Production Assistant, Stage Manager, Venue Technician

Assistant Lighting Designer

My Name is Asher Lev () Assistant Lighting Designer

Assistant Stage Manager

Seams () Assistant Stage Manager


Between Riverside and Crazy () Setup Crew
Blood + Soil () Crew
Kopernikus () Crew
Sound of the Beast () Crew
Stupidhead! A Musical Comedy () Crew
John & Waleed () Crew
Reflector () Crew


My Nightmares Wear White () Designer

Lighting Designer

A Woman Is... () Lighting Designer
Inch of Your Life: Episode 2 / The Middle Part () Lighting Designer
Inch of Your Life: Episode 1 / The Pilot () Lighting Designer

Production Assistant

The Other Side of the Game () Production Assistant

Stage Manager

A Woman Is... () Stage Manager
She Said Yes () Stage Manager

Venue Technician

Nasty Woman () Venue Technician
Madeleine Says Sorry () Venue Technician
Ten Creative Ways to Dispose of Your Cremains () Venue Technician
13 Ways the World Ends () Venue Technician
Welcome to the Bunker! () Venue Technician