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Inch of Your Life: Episode 2 / The Middle Part ()

Produced by

The Theatre Circuit

Playwright: Massimo Pagliaroli
Director: Massimo Pagliaroli


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


May 9th, 2018 – May 19th, 2018


In this second installment the theme of family is explored further as more truths are revealed and new conflicts are hinted at. The Catelli brothers continue to attempt cultivating closer fraternal relationships. Realizing they wont come easy as new secrets are uncovered and long-standing resentments come to the surface. (


Alex Clay Luke Richmond
Jack Everett Nick Catelli
Luis Fernandes Eddie Catelli
Ceridwen Kingstone Jill Preston
Brandon Knox Eric Day
Giovanna Pandullo Sylvia Moretti
Antonino Pruiti Gus Lo Primo
Jonathan Sconza Sam Catelli

Creative Team

Massimo Pagliaroli Playwright
Massimo Pagliaroli Director
Lisa Van Oorschot Lighting Designer
Jonathan Sconza Fight Director


Evan Bowen Musician


Laura Philipps Stage Manager
Massimo Pagliaroli Props Builder
Carlo Vitelli Producer
Robert Fulton Photography


Christopher Ross Venue Technician