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Mark Andrada

Director, Lighting Designer, Mentor, Musical Director, Performer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Venue Technician, Writer


Chad Mallett () Director
2-Man No-Show: 4D () Director
2-Man No-Show 3 () Director
2-Man No-Show () Director

Lighting Designer

Unbridled Futurism () Lighting Designer
Peaches On A Cherry Tree () Lighting Designer
The Wonder Pageant () Lighting Designer
We'll Be Better Tomorrow () Lighting Designer
High Park Noir () Lighting Designer
Maddie's Karaoke Birthday Party () Lighting Designer
Tonight’s Cancelled () Lighting Designer
Binary () Lighting Designer


A 6IX NNNNNN Revue () Mentor

Musical Director

We'll Be Better Tomorrow () Musical Director


Maddie's Karaoke Birthday Party () Performer
Cannibal! The Musical () Nutter / Indian Chief / Swan / Jury 3 / The Executioner / Cherub 1
Throne of Games () Robert Arryn
Expiry Dating () Hannah

Sound Designer

Tonight’s Cancelled () Sound Designer

Stage Manager

Moonstruck () Stage Manager
We'll Be Better Tomorrow () Stage Manager
Tonight’s Cancelled () Stage Manager
Extinction Song () Stage Manager

Venue Technician

Evil Dead: The Musical () Venue Technician
Jewtopia () Venue Technician
Evil Dead: The Musical () Venue Technician


2-Man No-Show 3 () Writer