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Cannibal! The Musical ()

Produced by

Starvox Entertainment

Book: Trey Parker
Music: Trey Parker
Lyrics: Trey Parker
Director: Christopher Bond


CAA Theatre


February 10th, 2015 – March 1st, 2015


Accused of murdering all his friends on a disatrous trip across the Rocky Mountains, Alferd Packer tries to prove his innocence from his prison cell, insiting to reporter Polly Pry that he’s no cannibal and relaying his version of events in a bid for freedom. (


Marty Adams Humphrey / Mills / Priest
Mark Andrada Nutter / Indian Chief / Swan / Jury 3 / The Executioner / Cherub 1
Constant Bernard Swing (Bell / Humphrey / Miller) / Understudy for Lianne
Lana Carillo Yuki / Lianne / Juror 4 / Nun / Sheep / Understudy for Polly Pry
Troy Goldthorp Swing (Alfred Parker / Noon) / Understudy for Lianne
Elicia MacKenzie Polly Pry / Soothsayer / The Doctor / Angel / Understudy for Yuki
Trevor Martin Bell / Juror 1 / The Undertaker / Prison Guard / Understudy for Swan
Mike “Nug” Nahrgang Miller / The Judge / Frenchy / Convict
Tim Porter Noon / Loutzenheiser / The Preacher / The Cyclops / Cherub 2 / Juror 2
Liam Tobin Alfred Packer

Creative Team

Trey Parker Book
Trey Parker Music
Trey Parker Lyrics
Christopher Bond Director
Christopher Bond Additional Book
Christopher Bond Additional Music
Christopher Bond Additional Lyrics
Aaron Eyre Additional Book
Aaron Eyre Additional Music
Aaron Eyre Additional Lyrics
Trevor Martin Additional Book
Trevor Martin Additional Music
Trevor Martin Additional Lyrics
Aaron Eyre Music Director
Claudia Kada Costume Designer
Christina Spina Makeup Design
Stacey Maroske Choreographer
Michael Laird Sound Designer
Jackie Chau Set Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Geneal St. Clair Assistant Lighting Designer
Mike Trebilcock Arranger
Adam Harendorf Associate Sound Designer


Aaron Eyre Keyboard
Stacey Maroske Guitar


Christina Cicko Stage Manager
Scott Patterson FX Props
Marina Snider FX Props
Larissa Mair Casting Director
Jessica Johnston Company Manager
Jason McHugh Executive Producer, New Cannibal Society
Corey Ross Producer, Starvox Entertainment
Jesse Lund Apprentice Stage Manager
Jesse Lund Technical Director
Jesse Lund Head Carpenter
Sean Gilhuly Rigger
Sean Richards Production Coordinator
Vanessa Wishart Head of Wardrobe
David Hoekstra Property Master / Head of Props
Lisen Overdyk Hair and Wig Stylists
Stephane Belair Hair and Wig Stylists
Kevin Robinson Movement Coach
Troy Goldthorp Dance Captain
Troy Goldthorp Fight Captain
Rebecca Shoalts Publicist
Kate Parkes Publicist