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10 Days on Earth ()

Produced by

Rink-A-Dink Inc. and Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Creator: Ronnie Burkett


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


April 1st - 6th, 2006


April 1st, 2006 – June 24th, 2006


Darrell is a mentally challenged adult. He lives with his mother who has died in her bed. For the next 10 days, Darrell innocently carries on in the simple world he knows. A tender, funny and unapologetic story that celebrates a mother’s love for her son in all its honesty and fierce, unwavering will. (


Ronnie Burkett Performer

Creative Team

Ronnie Burkett Creator
Cathy Nosaty Sound Designer
Cathy Nosaty Composer
Bill Williams Lighting Designer
Ronnie Burkett Set Designer
Ronnie Burkett Costume Designer
Ronnie Burkett Puppet Design
Dina Meschkuleit Assistant Designer
Terri Gillis Artistic Associate
Iris Turcott Dramaturge (CanStage)
Jamie Hopkings Brass Arrangements
John Alcorn "An Angel with Just One Wing" and "Angel" Music
Ronnie Burkett An Angel With Just One Wing Lyrics
John Alcorn "Angel" Lyrics
John Alcorn "Angel" Arrangement


Laura Hubert "Angel" Vocal


Maria Popoff Stage Manager
Terri Gillis Production Manager
John Lambert Associate Producer
Kevin Humphrey Director of Lighting
Shanna Miller Technical Director
Shanna Miller Sound Operator
Ronnie Burkett Puppets Carving and Jointing
Dina Meschkuleit Head Puppet Builder
Angela Talbot Principal Puppet Sculpture and Painting
Darren Pickering Puppet Builder
Robin Fisher Puppet Builder
Gemma James-Smith Puppet Builder
Joy Lachica Puppet Builder
Camellia Koo Puppet Builder Assistant
James Fisher Puppet Builder Assistant
Sheila Dietrich Puppet Builder Assistant
Kim Crossley Costume Builder
Meaghan Renner Costume Assistant
Katri Tahvanainen Costume Assistant
Monica Podvezko Costume Assistant
Gina Schellenberg Costume Assistant
Kaz Maxine Costume Assistant
Luman Coad Puppet and Stringing Consultant
Charles Ruggles Studio Supervisor
Daisy Padunkles Studio Supervisor
Martin Herbert Scenic Carpenter
Jennifer Hedge Scenic Painter
Wendy Hogan Welder
Robin Fisher Honeydog and Little Burp Backgrounds
Kevin Humphrey Moving Scenery Devised By
Kyra Millan Vocal Coach
John Alcorn "Angel" Production


Craig Putt Technical Director
Roger West Operations Manager
Serge Plourde Production Assistant
Lindsay Sapinsky Berkeley Senior Head Technician
Chris Robbinson Berkeley Head Technician
Brent McLaughlin Stage Technician
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
William Sovie Senior Props Builder
Brian Barlow Props Builder
Shelley Heebner Props Intern
Barbara E. Singer Head of Wardrobe
Sarah Kovacs Assistant Head of Wardrobe