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Kaz Maxine

Millinery, Properties Crew, Wardrobe Crew

Costume Assistant

10 Days on Earth () Costume Assistant

Costume Maker

Peter's Final Flight () Costume Construction

Head of Properties

The Way of the World () Head of Properties


A Christmas Carol () Millinery
Fool's Gold () Millinery
A Christmas Carol () Millinery
To Kill a Mockingbird () Millinery
Angels in America – Perestroika () Millinery
Angels in America: Millennium Approaches () Millinery
Idiot's Delight () Millinery
London Road () Millinery
Parfumerie () Millinery
Farther West () Millinery
Angels in America - Perestroika () Millinery
Angels in America - Millennium Approaches () Millinery
Great Expectations () Millinery
Arigato, Tokyo () Milliner
Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are Dead () Millinery
Der Freischutz (The Marksman) () Millinery
You Can't Take it With You () Millinery
Exit the King () Millinery
A Midsummer Night's Dream () Millinery
The Fantasticks () Millinery
Oh What a Lovely War () Millinery
Parfumerie () Millinery
The Guardsman () Millinery
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf () Millinery
Travesties () Millinery
A Christmas Carol () Millinery
Top Girls () Millinery
A Raisin in the Sun () Millinery
Ring Round the Moon () Millinery
The Real Inspector Hound + Black Comedy () Millinery
Under Milk Wood () Millinery
Uncle Vanya () Millinery
'Night Mother () Millinery
As You Like It () Millinery
The Odd Couple () Millinery
Salt-Water Moon () Millinery
Blithe Spirit () Millinery
Mary Stuart () Millinery
Three Sisters () Millinery
The Time of Your Life () Millinery
Top Girls () Millinery
Our Town () Millinery
Leaving Home () Millinery
John Gabriel Borkman () Millinery
The Threepenny Opera () Millinery
The Caretaker () Millinery
King Lear () Millinery
American Buffalo () Millinery
The Government Inspector () Millinery
Our Town () Millinery