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The Odd Couple ()

Produced by

Soulpepper Theatre Company

Playwright: Neil Simon
Director: Stuart Hughes


The Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


February 11th, 2008 – April 19th, 2008


This renowned comedy begins with a group of men or “the boys” meeting to play cards in the apartment of a divorced fellow – and if the mess is any indication, it’s no wonder that his wife left him. Late to arrive is another fellow who, they learn, has just been separated from his wife. Since he is very meticulous and tense, they fear he might commit suicide, and so go about locking all the windows. When he arrives, he is scarcely allowed to go to the bathroom alone. As life would have it, the slob bachelor and the meticulous fellow decide to bunk together with hilarious results. The patterns of their own disastrous marriages begin to reappear in this arrangement; and so this too must end. (


Derek Boyes Vinnie
Kevin Bundy Roy
Oliver Dennis Murray
Michael Hanrahan Speed
Diego Matamoros Felix
Krystin Pellerin Cecily
Amy Rutherford Gwendolyn
Albert Schultz Oscar

Creative Team

Neil Simon Playwright
Stuart Hughes Director
Lorenzo Savoini Set Designer
Erika Connor Costume Designer
Steven Hawkins Lighting Designer
John Lott Sound Designer


Julie Miles Stage Manager
Malina Patel Assistant Stage Manager
Kat Chin Apprentice Stage Manager
Kelly McEvenue Alexander Coach
Diane Pitblado Dialect Coach


Greg Poulin Production Manager
Mike Ledermueller Technical Director
Tom Baranski Assistant Technical Director
Mary-Jo Carter Dodd Head of Wardrobe
Jolene Antle Assistant Head of Wardrobe
Phil Atfield Cutter
Stefan Dean Sewer
Geoffrey Davies Sewer
Sarah Reade Dresser
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Head of Hair and Makeup
Kaz Maxine Millinery
Lisa Nighswander Head of Properties
Greg Chambers Props Builder
Andy DeVries Head Carpenter
Dustin Gingerich Carpenter
Kelly Read Carpenter
David Rayfield Head Scenic Artist
Jane Kline Scenic Artist
Lisa Petrocco Scenic Artist
Janet Pym Production Assistant
G. Stuart Baulch House Technician
Jason Browning House Technician
Pascale Thibodeau House Technician