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AfterImage ()

Produced by

Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland

Director: Jillian Keiley
Playwright: Robert Chafe


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


April 16th, 2009 – April 26th, 2009


Set in the Newfoundland mining town of Buchans, AfterImage revolves around a family created and devastated by an accidental electrocution and unexpected adoption.

Shaped by an ensemble cast, an original choral music score and an electrified set, the end result is a living, kaleidoscopic, musical stage where spectacle meets story. Prepare yourself for a “shocking” evening. (



Petrina Bromley Maggie
Mary-Colin Chisholm Lise
Melanie Caines Connie
Kevin Woolridge Jerome
Melanie Brooks Theresa
Phil Churchill Leonard
Christian Murray Winston
Colin Furlong Leo

Creative Team

Jillian Keiley Director
Robert Chafe Playwright
Jonathan Monro Composer
Jonathan Monro Music Director
Shawn Kerwin Set Designer
Marie Sharpe Costume Designer
Renate Pohl Lighting Designer
Don Ellis Sound Designer
Victoria Noseworthy Hair Design
Daphne Thomas Makeup Design
Anita Rochon Assistant Director
Michael Worthman Assistant Director


Erin French Production Manager
Flora Planchat Stage Manager
Rick Banville Technical Director
Jamie Skidmore Master Carpenter
Tom Voisey Electrician
Derm Power Electrician
Craig Putt Construction


Sam Shaw Technical Director
Heather Richards Stage Carpenter
Duncan Morgan Sound Engineer
Patrick Hales Head Electrician