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Civil Elegies ()

Produced by

Soulpepper Theatre Company

Author: Dennis Lee
Co-Creators: Mike Ross and Lorenzo Savoini
Director: Albert Schultz


The Michael Young Theatre


December 3rd, 2009 – December 24th, 2009


The 1972 Governor General’s Award-winning work of poet Dennis Lee is brought to life by Soulpepper Academy graduates Mike Ross and Lorenzo Savoini, dramatized and set to music in a way that speaks to the heart of what Canada was, is and could be. (


Mike Ross Performer

Creative Team

Dennis Lee Author
Mike Ross Co-Creator
Lorenzo Savoini Co-Creator
Albert Schultz Director
Mike Ross Composer
Lorenzo Savoini Production Designer


Crystal Salverda Stage Manager
Andrea Schurman Assistant Stage Manager
Loreen Gibson Apprentice Stage Manager


Greg Poulin Production Manager
Mike Ledermueller Technical Director
Stephanie Ripley Assistant Technical Director
Mary-Jo Carter Dodd Head of Wardrobe
Jolene Antle Associate Head of Wardrobe
Phil Atfield Cutter
Sarah Reade Wardrobe Assistant
Geoff Hughes Lead Hand
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Head of Hair and Makeup
Lisa Nighswander Head of Properties
Andy DeVries Head Carpenter
David Rayfield Head Scenic Artist
G. Stuart Baulch House Technician
Jason Browning House Technician
Pascale Thibodeau House Technician